For our Puppy Buyers

Für Welpenkäufer / For puppy buyers
Für Welpenkäufer / For puppy buyers

For our Puppy Buyers

Why get a dog from Andrea’s Labradors?


Many times we have heard: „I don’t need a dog with papers and pedigrees. After all, I don’t want to breed.“


The reason why we decided at that time for a dog with pedigree and now breed ourselves under the rules of the Labrador Club Deutschland e.V. / VDH* is quite simple:


The puppy has a mark of quality.


To breed under the breeding regulations of the Labrador Club Deutschland e.V. (LCD) means:

  1. Training
    At the beginning there is the qualification. Breeders have to educate themselves and get the basic knowledge for dog breeding. The training ends with a written, passed examination.
  2. Kennel Inspection
    A trained breed supervisor inspects the kennel. This must comply with the strict requirements of the breeding regulations of the LCD* and the Animal Welfare Act.
  3. Breeding Approval
    Experts check if the dog is suitable for breeding. For this purpose, the appearance and behavior are evaluated. Various health certificates from veterinarians are required.
  4. Breeding Control
    The LCD has access to the health data of the dog’s parents and checks if the mating is allowed or if there is a risk of diseases.
  5. Litter Inspection
    A breeding supervisor checks the condition of puppies, the mother dog and the kennel.
  6. Veterinary Care
    Checked and marked: Puppies are vaccinated, dewormed several times and clearly identifiable by microchips.
  7. Socialization
    Our puppies grow up in the midst of our family and know all the daily noises. The home puppy playroom contains many learning incentives to discover and try out. From the 6th week we take small trips by car into the woods and meadows of the region.

The health and well-being of the puppies are our top priority.

We want you to have a lot of joy with your new family member.


*Labrador Club Deutschland e.V.

*Fédération Cynologique Internationale

*Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (German Kennel Club)

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